Wilson follows Mavericks into cryotherapy

Wilson follows Mavericks into cryotherapy

ARLINGTON -- C.J. Wilson is taking a page from the NBA champion Dallas Mavericks. After Wilson saw an article detailing the Mavs' use of cryotherapy, Wilson decided he would give it a try.

"I'll try whatever, if I can get one percent better, it's worth it at this point," Wilson said.

Cryotherapy is a process that exposes the person in the specially made chamber to extreme cold temperatures, which causes the body to rush blood back to the core. It is believed to increase energy and shorten recovery time.

"Your brain reads that cold symbol in your skin and starts pulling all your blood out of your limbs and putting it in your core. It's a hyperdermic response," Wilson said. "It's supposed to reinvigorate and re-oxygenate your blood, so after you step out of the chamber after two minutes, it all rushes back in there."

Wilson said the Millenium ICE, which is where both Wilson and the Mavericks went for treatment, has a board for users that were able to withstand temperatures below minus 300 Fahrenheit. Wilson said he reached minus 290 Fahrenheit on Tuesday, and he expects to break the record in his next session.

"The first time I did it, it was like standing in your underwear in a cold day in Dallas, your first blast" Wilson said. "By the third blast, I was like 'OK, you're standing on top of Mount Everest with no clothes on. This is brutal.'"