Holland showing no signs of fatigue

Holland showing no signs of fatigue

Holland showing no signs of fatigue
BOSTON -- While the Rangers give Matt Harrison and Alexi Ogando breaks from the rotation, Derek Holland marches on. Manager Ron Washington said Holland wasn't happy when he was pulled from Friday's 10-0 victory over the Red Sox after seven scoreless innings, but the Rangers had a 10-run lead and Holland had thrown 98 pitches.

"I felt it was time to save some bullets," Washington said. "He didn't want to come out, because he was really into the game. But once he settled down and his teammates shook his hand, we explained what we were doing."

Holland, after Friday's performance, is now 7-1 with a 2.63 ERA in his last 11 starts. He is showing no signs of the fatigue that everybody is fretting over with the Rangers' young starting pitchers.

"The big thing is, I give credit to the trainers," Holland said. "They push me, because they know I like to work hard, but they stay on top of it and make sure I don't get too fatigued."

Holland said Rangers starters are getting annoyed at all the talk about their physical and mental endurance at this time of the season.

"We're definitely tired of hearing about it," Holland said. "I don't think fatigue is an excuse. Personally, I don't seem tired. We all have bad days. Unfortunately, I've had a few of them."

Holland still has at least four starts left and then comes the playoffs. That means there could be 6-7 weeks left in the season.

"Bring it on," Holland said. "I work out hard enough, I'm good to go."