Hamilton makes effort to keep bats from flying

Hamilton makes effort to keep bats from flying

Hamilton makes effort to keep bats from flying
BOSTON -- Josh Hamilton keeps swinging, and the bats keep flying. Hamilton's habit of losing his grip on his bat and having them go flying off into the distance continues to be impressive.

Hamilton tossed one on Saturday night that landed 18 rows in the stands behind the first-base dugout at Fenway Park.

"What was cool was I looked back to see if the fans were paying attention, and it landed in two seats that were empty," Hamilton said. "I looked back a few minutes later and two people were sitting there. That's somebody who is looking out for me."

No other Rangers player loses control of his bat more than Hamilton, but he has an explanation for it.

"My middle finger on my right hand is not right," Hamilton said. "I hurt it my senior year [in high school]. I broke it and had surgery on it. I don't have full flexibility and extension on it. So when I try to get a little more extension on my swing because it's a changeup or something, it's hard to keep hold of the bat."

He does try to prevent it from happening.

"I use a lot of pine tar," Hamilton said. "I use sticky stuff under my batting gloves, put them on and put the pine tar on. It happens way more in Texas because it's so hot there."

Hamilton does get his bats back. He sends somebody into the stands with another bat and asks them to trade out. The fans usually comply.

"They're just happy to have something," Hamilton said.