Washington not messing with productive lineup

Washington not messing with productive lineup

Washington not messing with productive lineup
ARLINGTON -- Michael Young made his 77th start of the season in the cleanup spot for Wednesday's game, as Rangers manager Ron Washington said he would not meddle with the lineup's recent success.

"It's been working, so I didn't want to mess with it," Washington said. "At some point, I'll get [Adrian Beltre] back in there at the cleanup spot, but it's been working. Michael gave me the OK if I wanted to change it, it's OK with him, but it never was about that. It wasn't that I didn't change it because I was concerned about Michael."

The lineup has paid big dividends since Beltre returned from a strained left hamstring on Sept. 1. The Rangers have amassed at least 11 hits in nine of the 11 games since that date.

The club also set a franchise record for most consecutive games with 12 or more hits on Tuesday, doing so for the sixth time.

The lineup has not just paid benefits for Young and Beltre, it seems like everyone has been on fire in the last six games.

Eight of the nine members of Wednesday's lineup are batting .300 or better in those six games, and four are batting over .400.

Washington said early in Beltre's return that he would be back in the cleanup spot eventually, but it seems that Washington will wait for this configuration to cool down before putting Beltre back in the fourth spot.

"It's hard to say, because sometimes when I put out my lineup, names come out of it," Washington said. "It might be one day I sit here and his name comes out the fourth slot. I don't know yet. It's gut feel for me, and I feel like when it's time, I'll do it. I just can't give you a certain time."