Washington offers praise for 'Moneyball'

Washington offers praise for 'Moneyball'

Washington offers praise for 'Moneyball'
OAKLAND -- Rangers manager Ron Washington attended the premiere of "Moneyball" at the historic Paramount Theatre in Oakland on Monday night and gave it a thumbs up. The movie is based on the best-selling book by Michael Lewis about Athletics general manager Billy Beane and his attempts to put together a winning team partly through the use advanced statistical analysis.

The book was written during the 2002 season, when Washington was the A's third-base and infield coach. He was portrayed by actor Brent Jennings in the movie and his character has a small role. Washington met Jennings at the premiere.

"I just had a few lines, but I thought the guy handled it well," Washington said. "He was decisive in his answers as I am. I thought he did well. I met him. He said he wanted to meet me because he heard so much about me. He said he wanted to do my part justice. He did."

As for the movie, Washington said, "I thought it was very good. The whole object of the movie was for the general manager to figure out how to keep the club competitive with money restraints. That was the way Billy had to go, and it worked."

The movie also showed the conflict between Beane and manager Art Howe. Washington said he didn't know about that part. But he was good friends with Howe, who was on his staff in Texas.

"Art didn't talk to us about that," Washington said. "Art was even-keeled. It's amazing the things that go on around you that you don't know about."

Washington said he has read only the first chapter of the book.