Kinsler on verge of second 30-30 season

Kinsler on verge of second 30-30 season

Kinsler on verge of second 30-30 season
OAKLAND -- Ian Kinsler hit his 30th home run on Wednesday but is still four stolen bases short of going 30-30 for the second time in his career. Kinsler had 26 stolen bases going into Thursday's game and isn't overly concerned about getting to 30-30 again.

"Honestly, it doesn't matter," Kinsler said. "It's a good accomplishment, but we've got a lot bigger fish to fry."

Kinsler went 30-30 in 2009 with 31 homers and steals, but there is one big difference between that season and this one. Kinsler stole third base 11 times in 2009. He has stolen it once this season.

"Other teams are paying more attention to me," Kinsler said. "I used to be able to steal third more consistently, but now I'm getting different looks. It makes it tougher."

Kinsler stole his 26th base on Wednesday and it was also his 25th in a row since getting caught on April 15 in New York. That's the longest current streak in the Majors.

He is 26-for-28 in steals this season, a 92.9 percent success rate that is the highest in the Major Leagues. Since 2007, when Ron Washington took over as manager and Gary Pettis became the Rangers' baserunning instructor, Kinsler has been successful on 88.3 percent (121-for-137), the third best rate in that stretch for those with at least 60 attempts.

"A lot of it comes from Gary Pettis," Kinsler said. "He's able to pick up things I wouldn't normally pick up and he relays the information to me ... pitchers moves, things they do before they go to the plate that indicate they are going to the plate. He's good at it."