Rangers not concerned about energy drinks

Rangers not concerned about energy drinks

OAKLAND -- USA Today ran a story on Thursday saying that some Major League teams are no longer providing energy drinks in their clubhouses and also banning them in their Minor Leagues. Clubs cannot ban them at the Major League level because they are not prohibited in the collective bargaining agreement.

Rangers strength and conditioning coach Jose Vazquez is dubious about the merits of energy drinks and the need to ban them.

"I don't think energy drinks are that strong," Vazquez said. "The problem is guys don't drink enough water to counteract the sugar or the caffeine. Most energy drinks are just a combination of caffeine and sugar. There are so many things that qualify as an energy drink. You're going to have to ban coffee and soft drinks.

"I can understand steroids, but at what point are players responsible for their own actions. You take an energy drink, you know you're going to get a jolt and a sugar high. You may have a sugar crash. They all know that."

The Rangers only carry one brand of energy drink, one that is approved by Major League Baseball.