Postseason rotation, roster remain in flux

Postseason rotation, roster remain in flux

Postseason rotation, roster remain in flux
ANAHEIM -- Manager Ron Washington said the Rangers still haven't decided on a rotation for the postseason beyond C.J. Wilson pitching Game 1. Washington said the rotation could be decided by whom they play.

If the Rangers play the Tigers, they may prefer two right-handed starters -- Alexi Ogando and Colby Lewis -- to go with two (rather than three) left-handers. Ogando is 3-0 with a 1.29 ERA in three starts against the Tigers this season. Against the Red Sox -- with a lineup that includes left-handed hitters David Ortiz, Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford and Jacoby Ellsbury -- they may prefer three left-handers.

Yankee Stadium always favors left-handed pitchers because of the dimensions. But the Yankees are 35-16 when the opposing team throws a left-hander and Lewis beat the Yankees twice in the playoffs last year. Washington said he'll make his decision based on instincts as much or more than numbers.

"We'll wait and see who we play and where we play before we decide how to set it up," Washington said. "It just depends on my gut and who do I trust. We're not going to try and outsmart ourselves. But we'll do what we think is best for us."

Lewis is still scheduled to pitch on Tuesday and Matt Harrison on Wednesday in the Rangers' final two regular-season games against the Angels. Washington said that might change. He also said the Rangers want to get at least a couple more innings for Ogando while they are here.

"Whether it's starter or reliever, I'd like to pitch him," Washington said.

Washington also said the Rangers are still discussing whether to use seven or eight relievers in the playoffs. Going with seven relievers would allow them to carry an extra position player. That would most likely be a third catcher.