Ryan knows Rangers can take the heat

Ryan knows Rangers can take the heat

Ryan knows Rangers can take the heat
ARLINGTON -- The Rangers took batting practice with temperatures in the high 70's on Friday afternoon. But this came after it hit 100 degrees on Thursday in North Texas, the 71st day of triple-digit temperatures this season.

One of the things that Rangers president Nolan Ryan is most proud of is the way both his players and fans endured the difficult summer heat in Texas when temperatures soared to as high as 106 degrees at game time.

"I couldn't be any prouder of our ballclub for the season they had and what they have accomplished," Ryan said. "When you look at the conditions in which they did it under, faced with the heat wave we had this year, the record-breaking heat wave, and the way Major League rosters are structured, with the number of pitchers you have to carry.

"For them to do what they have done and have the September they've had ... I think it speaks volumes about the character of the ballclub and the makeup of the ballclub."

The Rangers set a club record in attendance when they drew 2,946,949 fans to the Ballpark this year.

"We couldn't be prouder of our fans and their commitment to come out and support us," Ryan said. "I think our players really do appreciate that. When you look at our society today, people aren't accustomed to being in the heat, and it is very challenging for them to be in the heat and sit out in the heat for four hours. It's not like going out in your yard and doing something for five or 10 minutes. They are out there for four hours.

"So, I'm very appreciative of that. Not only did they come out, but they support the team, they wear Rangers garb and are very proud of the Rangers and proud to be a Ranger fan."