History shows Rangers can recover from setback

History shows Rangers can recover from setback

ARLINGTON -- The Rangers were not the first team to lose Game 1 at home in the American League Division Series. It has happened 14 times since the expansion of the playoffs, and in seven cases, the losing team at home still came back to win the series.

That includes the 1996 New York Yankees. They lost the first game at home to the Rangers when John Burkett pitched a complete game, then won the next three. The last two were in Arlington.

The Rangers lost Game 1, 9-0, to the Rays on Friday. They managed just two hits, both by Josh Hamilton, against Rays rookie starter Matt Moore. Manager Ron Washington said before Game 2 that the Rangers will be fine.

"They've just never let my confidence waver," Washington said. "They play each day for what it is. You lose ballgames. We just got beat. They put some runs on the board and they did a good job keeping us off the board.

"It would have been different if we were booting stuff, throwing balls around the place, the catcher constantly running to the backstop, giving them opportunities. They just beat us."

The Rangers were only two-hit once during the regular season. That was in a 6-1 loss to the Twins on June 12.