Rangers run into outs for different reasons

Rangers run into outs for different reasons

Rangers run into outs for different reasons
ST. PETERSBURG -- The Rangers had two baserunners thrown out in Game 3. Craig Gentry was caught stealing in the third inning when David Price picked him off first base, and Elvis Andrus was nailed off third base by catcher John Jaso in the seventh.

Andrus was on third, with Josh Hamilton at first and Michael Young at the plate. The Rangers had already scored four runs in the inning and, with two outs, were looking for more. Hamilton broke for second and had a great jump. Jaso faked to second and threw to third to catch Andrus. Manager Ron Washington said Andrus was thinking on his own, believing he could steal home if Jaso threw down to second.

"That wasn't a designed play, that was Elvis being Elvis," Washington said. "He was trying to make something happen. All of a sudden he thought he was going to be sliding across home plate and jumping up and down. He knew he messed up.

"He just got excited. That's what Elvis does. When he's out there going good, he thinks he's Superman. He thinks he's invincible."

As for Gentry, Washington still wants him to be aggressive on the basepaths. Washington said Gentry just needed a better read on Price's move.

"I just told him don't be timid," Washington said. "We're going to stay aggressive. If you get picked off, you get picked off. He just needs to get a better read."

That went down as a caught stealing, something that has never happened to Gentry before at the Major League level. He is 19-for-19 in the regular season.