Washington offers no 'rah-rah speech'

Washington offers no 'rah-rah speech'

Washington offers no 'rah-rah speech'
ST. LOUIS -- The Rangers needed warm clothes, but didn't get a big speech from manager Ron Washington before they played Game 6 of the World Series on Thursday night.

The Rangers are up, 3-2, and need one more victory to win the first World Series title in club history. Washington said he doesn't need to remind his players about what's at stake.

"We as a group understand who we are, what's at stake and what we have to do," Washington said. "You can't get anxious and do stuff we haven't done before. There's nothing going to happen that we haven't experienced before. Just play the game that is in front of you."

Washington said he hasn't had a team meeting since early June, when the Rangers lost three of four to the Twins in Minnesota. That was the series when Washington pulled shortstop Elvis Andrus from a game because he didn't like his effort on a particular play.

"I told them we didn't play our type of baseball and I didn't like our body language," Washington said. "I told them that's not us. I didn't have to make a rah-rah speech, just get back to playing Texas Rangers baseball and those who don't want to play Texas Rangers baseball, raise your hands and we'll get you out of here."

Temperatures could get in the low 40s on Thursday, but the teams took batting practice in the sunshine one day after Game 6 was postponed because of inclement weather. It never rained heavily in St. Louis on Wednesday, but both managers felt the postponement was the right decision.

"You don't want to be playing, then stopping and starting," Washington said. "Especially when you consider the importance of the game for both ballclubs ... you want to be able to start the game and then finish it."

As for the potential cold weather on Thursday, Washington said, "The cold is not a factor. [Cardinals pitcher] Jaime Garcia will be a factor, not the cold."