Trip to Las Vegas all business for Hamilton

Trip to Las Vegas all business for Hamilton

LAS VEGAS -- Outfielder Josh Hamilton had a big time in Las Vegas on Friday night after the Rangers' charter arrived from Phoenix.

"I had dinner with [his wife Katie] and was in bed by 8:30," Hamilton said.

He has another big night planned for Saturday.

"I'm going to have dinner with my wife and be in bed by 8:30," Hamilton said.

Not many in Las Vegas will follow his example on Saturday night, but Hamilton has no problem joining the Rangers for their two-day trip to a place that doesn't seem to mind the nickname of "Sin City."

"Business is business," said Hamilton, who has spent the past six weeks focusing on his recovery from a second relapse in ongoing recovery from substance abuse addiction.

"It's amazing ... I see people throwing their money away," Hamilton said. "This is the first time my wife has been here and it's a lot different than she expected. It's not run down like you see in the movies. It's really nice and they cater to whatever you need."

Manager Ron Washington told all his players to be careful while in Las Vegas.

"I did tell them to enjoy themselves but reminded them we are still in Spring Training," Washington said. "We've got to come out here and play."