Uehara's pitches sharper out of Arizona climate

Uehara's pitches sharper out of Arizona climate

MINNEAPOLIS -- Rangers manager Ron Washington said reliever Koji Uehara's split-fingered fastball is looking sharp again now that he is out of the dry, high altitude Arizona climate of Spring Training. Uehara has retired six of seven batters he has faced over his first two outings of the season.

Washington said the Arizona climate can affect a lot of pitchers' breaking stuff if they are not used to it.

"It affects the depth ... it's not biting," Washington said. "It didn't affect just him, it affected a lot of people. It took Koji time to figure it out. This was his first time in Arizona. Those who have pitched in Arizona a long time know that going in."

Uehara had a 10.61 ERA in the Cactus League but also allowed just one run in his last six innings, including two exhibition games in Texas, going into the season.

"He feels good," Washington said. "We're not going to hesitate to give Koji the ball."