Rangers dealing with day-night complexities

Rangers dealing with day-night complexities

DETROIT -- Rangers manager Ron Washington wasn't particularly thrilled with the idea of playing a day-night doubleheader on Saturday.

"I don't like doubleheaders at all," Washington said. "If we have to play them, you'd like to play them back to back. But we have to do it, so we'll deal with it."

The doubleheader was required because Friday's game was postponed by rain and the Rangers do not come back to Detroit again this season. The Rangers and Tigers also play Sunday afternoon, so the teams are looking at three games in 27 hours.

The biggest concern is with the pitching staff, but Washington said that won't be a problem if his starters continue to do the job. Rangers starters went into the doubleheader with a record of 9-0 and a 2.37 ERA while averaging over six innings per start.

"Hopefully they can keep us in the game," Washington said. "If we have to use the whole bullpen in both games, then we'll have to make an adjustment."

Washington said he won't hold back anybody for the second game. If a pitcher is needed to win Game 1, Washington will give him the ball.

"I'll deal with the game I'm dealing with," Washington said. "When we get to the second game, we'll deal with whatever is presented."