Harrison ponders pitch-tipping problem

Harrison ponders pitch-tipping problem

ARLINGTON -- Rangers left-hander Matt Harrison chalked up his five-inning, 14-hit loss on Friday night mostly to leaving pitches up in the strike zone, but another factor may have contributed to the poor outing.

"One of the coaches said something about what I was doing with my glove," Harrison said. "I was closing my glove real tight on the offspeed and I had it open on the fastball. If that's what it was, it's an easy fix. But still, I really wasn't on the top of my game. A lot of pitches were up."

Ron Washington acknowledged that "a few" pitchers in the league tipped, but offered a firm "no comment" when asked whether any of his pitchers did so.

Harrison wasn't sure if he was tipping, but will be cautious regardless in his next start.

"It'll be in the back of my head now. I won't do that anymore," he said.