Beltre returns to hot corner for Game 1

Beltre returns to hot corner for Game 1

BALTIMORE -- Adrian Beltre, still dealing with a sore left hamstring, started at third base for the Rangers in Game 1 of their doubleheader against the Orioles on Thursday. It was the first time Beltre started at third base since April 29 against the Rays.

Manager Ron Washington said Beltre had been ready to play third base since Monday, but the Rangers have been dealing with cold and wet weather for the first three days in Baltimore, and Washington didn't want Beltre playing in those conditions. Texas was rained out on Wednesday, but the weather on Thursday was cool and sunny.

"I just want his bat in the lineup and his body in the lineup," Washington said. "If there are any adjustments we have to make after Game 1, we'll make them."

Washington said the plan was for Beltre to start at designated hitter in Game 2. The plan is also for Beltre to continue to be careful, especially running the bases. The Rangers don't expect Beltre to be going full-out or trying to stretch out the hamstring while running full speed on the bases.

"I'm going to be doing that for a while, so you better get used to it," Beltre said. "I haven't forced it yet and I don't want to force it yet. I want to stay on the field and stay in the lineup. That's why I'm being extra careful. Right now I still feel it, and I don't want to blow it out ... be smart, don't be stupid. Some days it's going to be really sore. I just have to give it time."