Hamilton sets up official Twitter account

Hamilton sets up official Twitter account

ARLINGTON -- Josh Hamilton is officially on Twitter.

Hamilton said he and his wife, Katie, have set up their own Twitter account and want everybody to know about it because they have grown weary of imposter accounts. Although Twitter attempts to verify and confirm all accounts of famous people, Hamilton said there were still plenty who were trying to pass themselves off as him.

Hamilton's account is called TheJoshHamilton.

"I'm sick of people passing themselves off as me," Hamilton said. "That's not fair for fans to think it's me."

Hamilton said both he and his wife will try to use the account as much as possible.

"She gets into it more than me," Hamilton said. "I'll definitely give some quotes and answer some questions."

Among other Rangers who use Twitter are Derek Holland, Mike Napoli, Brandon Snyder, Elvis Andrus and Neftali Feliz. Others have an account but aren't active.