Nathan sympathizes with Lewis' miscues

Nathan sympathizes with Lewis' miscues

Nathan sympathizes with Lewis' miscues
ARLINGTON -- Closer Joe Nathan, who is the senior member of the Rangers' pitching staff, can sympathize with Colby Lewis and his costly errant throws on Tuesday night. Lewis overthrew first base on a grounder back to the mound in the first inning and it ended up costing him four unearned runs.

It should have been an easy play for Lewis, but Nathan said that is not always the case.

"I wish I could explain it," Nathan said. "We get so dialed in to throw with a lot of effort going home. That's how we're taught, to hit spots. I think sometimes when we're throwing to first, you can almost baby it a little too much, and I think that's when things can get away. That's why you see a lot of guys run the ball over halfway and kind of flip it.

"I think that's the easiest way. But with men on base, though, you can't do that. I think there was a man on at the time. He didn't really have that luxury. The only thing you can do in that situation is maybe make a little more firm throw and finish, as opposed to guiding it over there.

"You don't want to throw a sinker, but at least put a little something on it. I think a lot of times, it's easier for the first baseman anyway, because they're used to having a little something on it."

Lewis ending up as the losing pitcher in the Rangers' 7-4 loss to the Royals.

"I think we've all done it," Nathan said. "I was talking to Colby in the ninth inning and he told me, 'I put myself in this situation.' I go, 'Listen, I don't think there's many guys in there that haven't done it.' It's not out of the ordinary."