Old pals Beltre, Felix keep up friendly banter

Old pals Beltre, Felix keep up friendly banter

SEATTLE -- There was a point during Monday's game when Mariners pitcher Felix Hernandez screamed at Adrian Beltre when he was at the plate. Hernandez screamed that he was going to strike out Beltre with his changeup.

Beltre yelled back, "I'll spit on your changeup."

And then he spit. They are old friends from when they played together on the Mariners and they go after it all the time.

"We're always talking smack," Beltre said. "It starts months before, weeks before we play ... the day before the game. This morning he texted me talking smack and I texted him back talking smack.

"He told me's going to dance on the mound if he strikes me out. Last year when I went deep off him, I was talking smack running around the bases. He took it like a man. If he strikes me out and dances on the mound, I'll take it like a man. I'm sure he'll enjoy it."