Darvish getting ready for summer heat

Darvish getting ready for summer heat

ARLINGTON -- Yu Darvish is scheduled to pitch on Sunday against the Blue Jays in what may be his hottest start of the year.

Darvish is 6-2 with a 3.05 ERA in nine starts this season, only two of which have seen game-time temperatures higher than 75 degrees. The last time Darvish pitched against the Blue Jays was in a 4-1 win on April 30 in Toronto's indoor stadium. He gave up four hits and one run in seven innings to improve to 4-0 on the year. But it will be much hotter in Arlington this weekend than it was in Toronto.

"I haven't experienced that yet," Darvish said. "As it comes and goes, I'll make the necessary adjustments as we go. There's no difference. I'm still pitching in those games normally."

With temperatures expected to rise over the next few months, Washington said on Friday that he would consider adjusting the structure of batting practice. Shorter rounds and not doing batting practice at all were a couple of options he mentioned. Other than that, Washington doesn't want his team to think about the heat.

"We don't discuss heat around here. It becomes too psychological when you start thinking about the weather," Washington said. "We got all kinds of fluids down there. We make sure, when it's like this, every time they come off the field, there's people on the steps just feeding them liquids. Whatever they need, we supply."