Hamilton out with upper respiratory infection

Hamilton out with upper respiratory infection

ARLINGTON -- Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton continues to battle what is now being called an upper respiratory infection and was out of the lineup for Monday's game with the Mariners. Hamilton said he has been dealing with this problem since the Rangers were in Houston, but this is the first time that he has not been in the starting lineup because of it.

"Obviously the last couple of days have been kind of weird," Hamilton said. "Anytime you have sinus stuff or chest stuff, it all goes back to not feeling quite right. I'm just feeling off. I stayed home from the event last night. Went to bed at 8:15. Got up at 1:30 today and rolled over twice maybe. Just when I got up, I still felt off. So I told [manager Ron Washington] I needed a day, just to be sure. I'll try to get some more rest.

"I've been on about everything I can be on. I'm trying to get better quicker, and it just seems like one of those things that's just going to have to run its course. But I think coming back in the heat, on top of feeling like I do, has just kind of snowballed on me a little bit and made it a little worse than it probably is."

The Rangers aren't sure whether Hamilton will be ready on Tuesday to face Mariners left-hander Jason Vargas.

"A day at a time," Hamilton said. "Obviously, I'd like to play no matter what, but if I'm running around out there and getting dizzy and stuff, I probably don't need to be out there doing it."