Kinsler testing guard after getting hit on elbow

Kinsler testing guard after getting hit on elbow

ANAHEIM -- Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler is trying a new guard on his left elbow after getting hit there by Mariners pitcher Hisashi Iwakuma on Wednesday night.

It was not a pleasant experience.

"That's the worst place you can get hit," Kinsler said. "I'd rather get hit in the helmet than on your funny bone, upper elbow or whatever you want to call it. Your fingers go numb, your arm goes numb, you can't take off your batting gloves, you can't raise your arm. It's not a fun place to get hit."

Kinsler was hit twice with pitches on the last homestand and there were other pitches inside on him. Blue Jays pitcher Henderson Alvarez was thrown out for coming inside on Kinsler after giving up four straight home runs. Kinsler said he didn't think Alvarez was deliberately throwing at him and doesn't think pitchers in general are going after him.

"I think pitchers understand they have to throw inside on me if they want to be effective," Kinsler said. "I see balls like that every year. There have been a lot the last week, but I see my fair share every year."