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Unearned runs piling up for Rangers

Unearned runs piling up for Rangers

Unearned runs piling up for Rangers
ANAHEIM -- The Rangers allowed two unearned runs against the Angels on Friday night. It was the third straight game the Rangers have allowed multiple unearned runs and they now lead the American League with 30 on the season.

"It happens," Washington said before his defense committed three errors and allowed one unearned run in Saturday's 3-2 loss. "I don't think anybody looks at our team and says we can't play defense. We'll get back to catching the ball and protecting our pitchers. We'll get it together. It would be different if I was talking about guys who have a poor record of playing defense. These guys don't."

The Rangers allowed just three unearned runs in April. They allowed 70 last season, fifth most in the American League, and just 51 in 2010. They experienced a dramatic drop in 2008-09. The Rangers tied a club record by allowing 107 unearned runs in 2008 and then set a club record in 2009 by allowing just 42. That's the fewest in one full season.


"If you make mistakes on defense, you expect the pitching staff to pick you up," Washington said. "If the pitching staff makes a mistake, you expect the offense to pick you up. It's a combination of things. It hasn't happened like we want it to happen. It's a long haul. Once again, I'll lay my hat on those guys that they can catch the ball."