Rangers reluctant to participate in Derby

Rangers reluctant to participate in Derby

Rangers reluctant to participate in Derby
OAKLAND -- Josh Hamilton does not want to compete in the State Farm Home Run Derby. He is not alone in the Rangers' clubhouse among those that who are leading their position in the fan voting and could be attractive candidates for the Derby.

Third baseman Adrian Beltre and catcher Mike Napoli both said they weren't interested in competing.

"I don't like it ... I don't think I'm good enough for it," Beltre said.

Napoli said he was in two such contests while in the Minor Leagues. He didn't win and he struggled at the plate afterward.

"I did it a couple of times and I preceded to go 9-for-90 after that," Napoli said. "I'll be happy just to play in the game."

Nelson Cruz was in the Home Run Derby in 2009 and finished second. Cruz, who was third among outfielders in the latest balloting, is reluctant to do it again.

"I don't know, I'd have to think about it," Cruz said. "I just have to wait and see what happens. It was a different situation then, my team was in a different situation. We'll see."

Hamilton said he has been asked by the American League and decided against it because he was concerned about getting hurt. Manager Ron Washington is in complete agreement, although he did not try to influence Hamilton's decision.

"He mentioned it to me," Washington said. "I didn't help him with that decision, it's not up to me, but I'm happy he's not doing it. If he takes a swing and misses and hurts something, there's not another team in baseball that's going to care. That was Hamilton's decision."

Asked his reaction when Hamilton told him, Washington said, "I gave him a hug."