Rangers aim to reverse recent trend vs. righties

Rangers aim to reverse recent trend vs. righties

SAN FRANCISCO -- Right-handed pitchers have been dominating the Rangers over the past week. During their first six games in the Bay Area, Texas is hitting .171 with a .256 slugging percentage against righties.

The Rangers were 2-4 in those six games, with the two wins coming when left-handers started for the opposing team. They have struggled against Jarrod Parker, Bartolo Colon, Brandon McCarthy and Ryan Vogelsong.

The Rangers need their left-handed hitters to get hot, and David Murphy and Mitch Moreland were both back in the lineup on Sunday against right-hander Tim Lincecum. They both sat against Vogelsong on Saturday.

"We obviously haven't been playing up to our offensive capability," Murphy said. "Everybody knows you have ups and downs, but we need to change that sooner than later."

Murphy has been a notorious second-half hitter. He got off to a good start this season but went into Sunday's game hitting .197 in his last 24 games. He is career .287 hitter with a .479 slugging percentage against right-handers, but he's hitting .256 with a .448 slugging percentage against them this season.

"If you look at the last few seasons, I'm always up and down but always turn it on late," Murphy said. "Obviously, that needs to change. The sense of urgency is there and the mindset is there but I need to get some results going."

Moreland is hitting .302 with a .560 slugging percentage against right-handers this season but, with no designated hitter in the National League city, he did not start in the first two games against the Giants. Michael Young was at first base before getting the day off on Sunday.

Moreland did pinch-hit in the eighth inning and broke up Vogelsong's shutout with a home run that landed in the waters of McCovey Cove well beyond the right-field wall. He still has just four hits in his last 27 at-bats.

"I feel good," Moreland said. "I just have to keep going up there, grind out at-bats and put something together."