Beltre watching out for Hamilton's flying bats

Beltre watching out for Hamilton's flying bats

ARLINGTON -- Josh Hamilton was at it again, losing his grip and throwing his bat during one of his plate appearances on Friday night. This time the bat did not end up in the stands. It almost nailed Adrian Beltre in the on-deck circle. It's not the first time that Hamilton has almost hit Beltre this season. Beltre retreated to the dugout to await his at-bat.

Beltre, who hit a two-run home run in his first at-bat Friday, discussed possible precautions to avoid getting hit by Hamilton's bat while on deck.

"I'm kind of expecting it. He doesn't do it every day, but it's one of those things where if I'm not expecting it and I'm relaxed, it might hit me," Beltre said. "Maybe for now I'm just going to stay in the dugout, wait until he finishes his at-bat, and then I'll come out. That way I'll be safe."

Hamilton is batting .229 in his last 29 games entering Saturday and struck out three times Friday. He still leads the Majors in RBIs with 64 and slugging percentage (.665). Because of a loose grip that stems from him not putting much pressure on his right middle finger, Hamilton may lead the league in most bats thrown as well.

"It's nothing I can control. It's nothing new," Hamilton said. "[Beltre's] learning from his experiences. He's finally learning. It's a good idea."