Rangers not likely to deal for offensive help

Rangers not likely to deal for offensive help

OAKLAND -- The Rangers' offense hasn't been as good as they hoped lately, but it's still unlikely to be an area of emphasis as the Trade Deadline approaches. The Rangers have a set lineup, and unless there is a major injury, they are prepared to stay with that group.

"I just don't see much we're going to do," Rangers general manager Jon Daniels said. "Our guys are our guys. Obviously they have been less consistent than you would like to see. The quality of at-bats haven't been great, but we still lead the league in runs. You could look at it either way.

"We're going to get Mitch Moreland [strained left hamstring] back. When he's right, he's capable of giving us quality at-bats. That's what we need right now, is guys doing what they're capable of doing."

Daniels did admit the Rangers are open to doing something to add more offense off the bench, rather than trading for a front-line player.

"That's one area that's fair to say we are looking at some different things," Daniels said. "The guys who have been in those roles have done a fine job. Our regulars don't get much time off and hopefully they stay healthy. Some of the guys on the bench haven't gotten an extended chance. But if the opportunity to bolster the bench is there, we're going to look at it."