Seeking hot stretch, Hamilton's timing not there

Seeking hot stretch, Hamilton's timing not there

OAKLAND -- Josh Hamilton struck out three times on Tuesday night. In his fourth at-bat, he hit his 27th home run of the season. He later added a sacrifice fly and continues to search for the timing that will allow him to go on another monster streak.

"I think I still have one or two left in me this season," Hamilton said. "Every at-bat is a new at-bat. I've struck out three times before. I've struck out four times. But as the game went on, my timing got better. Early in the game, I was starting too early.

"I feel fine at the plate. Before the All-Star Game, I was hitting the ball hard right at people. When we came back, I didn't have a good series in Seattle. I'm not worried about it."

In four games since the break, Hamilton is 2-for-14 with nine strikeouts. Hamilton's batting average has dropped to .300, but he is still tied for the league lead with 28 home runs and is leading with 78 RBIs entering Wednesday.

"I might get two hits and my next at-bat I start too early," Hamilton said. "I've got to focus on each at-bat. You fight yourself sometimes. Sometimes you're up there just to be up there instead of focusing on every pitch. It's a battle, just like going up there and trying to hit the ball too hard."

Adrian Beltre also hit a home run on Tuesday. The Rangers are 5-0 in games in which both Hamilton and Beltre hit a home run.