Washington not shaking up Rangers' lineup

Washington not shaking up Rangers' lineup

Washington not shaking up Rangers' lineup
ANAHEIM -- The Rangers struggled at the plate in June. July hasn't been any better. In fact, the Rangers have regressed.

It has only been 13 games, but the Rangers went into Saturday's game hitting .234 with a .327 slugging percentage for the month. They have also scored just 34 runs in 13 games.

The lineup remains pretty much the same. Manager Ron Washington said before Saturday's game that he doesn't plan on any drastic changes to his lineup.

"Everybody wants to shake up the lineup, but my experience is that when I woke up in the morning and I was in a certain spot in the lineup, it helped me a lot," Washington said. "I knew what my job was. With this lineup, there's really nothing I can do with it. They are all in the best places I can put them.

"Moving a guy not doing the job is not going to make him better. They are going to throw him the same way they were when he was somewhere else."

Second baseman Ian Kinsler has two hits in his last 21 at-bats, Josh Hamilton has five hits in his last 35 at-bats, Nelson Cruz is 3-for-16 with seven strikeouts in his last five games, Mike Napoli had three hits on Friday but was 2-for-22 prior to that, and David Murphy has two hits in his last 16 at-bats. Michael Young had been hot but had a six-game hitting streak end on Friday.

"Those are the guys who are going to take us there," Washington said. "If they don't take us there, we're not going to get there. Here it is. I'm willing to accept that. These are my guys."