Palmeiro says Bonds, Clemens deserve Hall call

Palmeiro says Bonds, Clemens deserve Hall call

ARLINGTON -- Despite being one of only four players to hit 500 home runs and collect 3,000 hits in his career, Rafael Palmeiro got just 12.6 percent of the Hall of Fame vote last year.

But it's all-time home run king Barry Bonds and seven-time Cy Young Award winner Roger Clemens -- who have attracted well-documented scorn related to performance-enhancing drugs -- whom he believes deserve spots in the Hall of Fame.

"Keep them out and the Hall of Fame has no credibility," said Palmeiro, who is in Arlington for Saturday's celebration after being voted by fans as a member of the Rangers' All-Time Team. "You're talking about, in my opinion, probably the best pitcher of all-time and the greatest player of all-time. Clemens and Bonds, 10 years before they retired, they were the best players in the game. These guys dominated the game before anything was mentioned about anything."

A four-time All-Star, Palmeiro racked up 569 home runs, 1,835 RBIs and 3,020 hits in his career. The Rangers' all-time leader with 805 walks, Palmeiro walked more (1,353) than he struck out (1,348) during his 20 seasons in the big leagues.

"I know what kind of career I had," Palmeiro said. "I can look at myself in the mirror and feel good and proud of what I accomplished. The Hall of Fame would be icing on the cake but if it doesn't happen, I'm fine with it. I will accept that and move on."