Olt reports improvement in his heel

Olt reports improvement in his heel

CLEVELAND -- Infielder Mike Olt, who played in just three games during the recent 10-day homestand, said that the inflammation in his right heel is starting to subside.

"I feel I'm getting over the hump," said Olt, who last started on Monday. "I just need to keep doing my rehab, because the last game, I was pretty miserable."

The inflammation probably won't completely go away until after the season is over, which the Rangers hope is still two months away. The Rangers have also talked about Olt playing winter ball, but they have to address his physical problems first.

The inflammation in the heel is not Olt's only issue.

"I'm trying to get my weight back," he said. "I lost a lot of weight this season, just being my first full professional season. I want to make sure I get it back up so I'm at full strength again."