Napoli takes first few trips around the bases

Napoli takes first few trips around the bases

KANSAS CITY -- Mike Napoli was back on the basepaths Thursday for the first time since going on the disabled list Aug. 11 with a left quad strain.

Napoli went from home to first a few times, then ran from first to third. But the Rangers catcher said he felt a little something in his leg as he made his final trip between first and third, and he decided to stop.

"I was moving around a lot better than I have been. I guess we'll talk to [manager Ron Washington] and see what we want to do. I'm not fully there yet," Napoli said. "Today was the most I've done, and the most positive thing that I've done [since going to the DL]."

Napoli's recovery has been a slow one, Washington admitted. But the skipper said that Napoli shutting things down didn't raise any concerns.

"It's just slow. That's it," Washington said. "Everything else he did -- did his footwork, throwing down to second base -- no issues. It's the first time he decided to get on the basepaths, and we've just got to push him past that. And once he gets past the issues on the basepaths, then I think he'll be ready for action."