Fearless Profar already having impact on Rangers

Fearless Profar already having impact on Rangers

ST. PETERSBURG -- Jurickson Profar has made two Major League starts and has helped Texas win twice, playing a huge part of each victory.

Profar cranked a homer in the first game, against the Indians on Sept. 2, to open the scoring, and he kept the strong play going with a game-winning double against the Rays on Saturday night.

After striking out, grounding into a double play and flying out in his first three at-bats, the 19-year-old came up with two outs and a man on second in the 10th inning against Kyle Farnsworth.

Profar stepped out of the batter's box while facing the veteran pitcher in an attempt to manipulate the situation.

Manager Ron Washington said that it's unusual for a player so young to try that, but Profar, baseball's top prospect, isn't like most players his age.

"When you're talking about Profar, he's special," Washington said. "The game does not scare him. I keep saying it -- it doesn't scare him."

Profar said after the game, with a smile, that he didn't feel any fear.

"That was an experienced move by a young puppy," Washington said. "A talented young puppy."

Cooperstown apparently agrees, having requested the bat Profar used to hit his first Major League homer.