Beltre stays in L.A. area to deal with stomach issue

Beltre stays in L.A. area to deal with stomach issue

SEATTLE -- While most of his teammates were heading north to Seattle, third baseman Adrian Beltre spent the day in Southern California being tested for ongoing gastro-intestinal problems.

Beltre hit the game-winning homer Thursday in Anaheim, talking his way into the lineup after missing Wednesday's start with stomach issues. But when his stomach didn't feel any better, Beltre remained behind.

He makes his offseason home in the Los Angeles area, so he was able to take it easy when he wasn't being poked and prodded by the medics. And while he spent part of the day being tested, the issue is not thought to be major. He's expected to be in the starting lineup against the Mariners on Saturday.

"We decided not to fly him up here tonight; he wasn't going to play," manager Ron Washington said. "It's best for him to rest and come in in the morning."

Beltre wasn't supposed to play Thursday; Jurickson Profar was in the original starting lineup. But Beltre went to Washington and all but demanded a chance to play.

"There's so much he brings to this team," Washington said. "Other guys see that, and they take notice. It's what a leader does."