Washington keeps confidence in Ogando

Washington keeps confidence in Ogando

SEATTLE -- Rangers reliever Alexi Ogando has pitched just twice in the past nine days and gave up a combined three runs in those relief outings, including a two-run home run in Friday's 6-3 loss in Seattle.

The right-hander has recently dealt with soreness in his biceps, but Rangers manager Ron Washington said as long as Ogando's healthy, he wouldn't shy away from using him.

"[If the] opportunity presents itself, as long as he can take the ball, we are going to give it to him," Washington said. "I think that's going to help everything. I certainly can't predict if that's going away or that's going to flare up again. I don't know."

Washington said any pitcher, especially a reliever, needs consistent work, if possible, to stay sharp. That is what the Rangers will be looking to give Ogando the rest of the season -- consistent work.

Meanwhile, Koji Uehara has been pitching well, making him interchangeable with Ogando, in Washington's mind.

"Say, if we had to use Ogando for a couple innings and then tonight a situation came up, I'll give it to Koji," Washington said. "Say, if Ogando and Mike Adams are not available and a situation come up in the eighth inning, I'll give to Koji. [Robbie] Ross, too."