Rangers not revealing any plans for playoffs

Rangers not revealing any plans for playoffs

SEATTLE -- Do the Texas Rangers have their rotation set for the playoffs?

Well, yes. And no.

Manager Ron Washington said before Sunday's series finale in Seattle that he and pitching coach Mike Maddux are playing around with ideas for the Rangers as they look forward to the possibility of playing in October.

Further than that, Washington isn't ready to go.

"Behind the scenes, we are doing things," Washington said. "But I just can't give it out. That would be a bad omen. We know what we would like to do, but we can't come out and openly say it. When it looks like we're going to be in the postseason, we can talk about it then.

"Players say they don't read, but they do. They know what's written. The leader has to be mentally tough. That's me. If I start talking about the playoffs and playoff position, their focus is going to go away from the games."

And Washington is all about focusing on today. So much so that when he was asked about the series against second-place Oakland coming on Monday in Arlington, he wouldn't touch it.

"I can't get past Seattle," he said. "I want to win. I want to whip their butts today. You can ask me about Oakland after the game."