Hamilton's return from sinus issue uncertain

Hamilton's return from sinus issue uncertain

SEATTLE -- It could be a while before the Rangers see Josh Hamilton back in the outfield.

Plagued by vision issues from a sinus problem, Hamilton left the team after the series in Anaheim and is back in the Metroplex. And while it is possible that he could be in the starting lineup Monday against the A's, manager Ron Washington frankly admitted he had no idea if that would actually happen.

"I don't know [if he will play Monday]," Washington said. "When we get back, we'll see how he is."

The Rangers have missed Hamilton's bat the first two games in Seattle, scoring three runs Friday and getting shut out in a 1-0 loss to former Rangers farmhand Blake Beavan on Saturday.

And while the Rangers have plenty of quality bats to fill a lineup without Hamilton, there is a certain special something that Texas misses when he's not in there.

"Without him in there, we get pitched differently," Washington said. "Pitchers are always aware of where he is in the lineup. And he puts more stress on them when he walks to the plate. Having him out of the lineup makes a big difference."

Hamilton has a couple more medical appointments in the next two days, so while it's possible that he could play Monday, it's equally possible that he won't be back in his normal spot until Wednesday or Thursday.