Washington lets Hamilton issue drop

Washington lets Hamilton issue drop

Washington lets Hamilton issue drop
ARLINGTON -- Don't expect another conversation between Rangers manager Ron Washington and center fielder Josh Hamilton concerning Hamilton's error on a dropped fly ball in Wednesday's loss to Oakland that helped the A's win the American League West title.

The play -- a routine fly ball in shallow center field that Hamilton botched to help Oakland score two runs and take a 7-5 fourth-inning lead -- has been the subject of much conversation and consternation among Rangers fans. But it's done with for Washington.

Hamilton wasn't available to talk to the media, as the Rangers' players had Thursday off.

"There was no issue with Josh and I," Washington said. "I don't care what you saw on the camera. I'm the manager. I'm allowed to ask questions. It's just that you'll get more views about things right now. I have no issue with Hamilton, and that's the end of that."

AL Wild Card

Rangers general manager Jon Daniels said the dropped fly ball that would have been the third out of the inning was just one play that contributed to Wednesday's loss. Daniels did acknowledge Hamilton's struggles since a vision problem popped up two weeks ago in Anaheim. The Rangers have lost 9 of 15 games during that stretch.

"It's easy to pick out one guy, but it's been more than that," Daniels said. "Has Josh played his best? No. Did he have an unusual injury? Yeah. I think the focal point of media, fans and some of us was the popup yesterday in center field.

"That contributed to the loss, but that's not why we lost the game. Josh struggling is not why we've slumped the last two weeks, but it certainly contributed. The reality is, there's no one reason why we've had a rough two weeks. We've got a clean slate right now, go out and play tomorrow and win."