Rangers still unsure if E. Beltre will join Spain

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- The Engel Beltre deadline is drawing near, and the Rangers remain on the fence as to whether the injured outfielder will play for Spain in the upcoming World Baseball Classic.

Beltre has been battling a strained left shoulder and completed his first day of full drills on Friday. The Rangers are worried that Beltre, who has yet to play this spring, may feel the effects of jumping directly into nine-inning action.

"He may still play in the WBC, but it's unlikely that he leaves on Sunday, when he would have otherwise left," general manager Jon Daniels said. "At this point, there's some things we want to see him get through, including get back in games."

The club is also considering sending Beltre to the Classic with possible limitations on innings or at-bats, a prospect that wouldn't bother Beltre in the slightest.

"Everything depends on the Rangers," said Beltre, who is scheduled to leave Sunday. "I'm going to do what they say. If they tell me that, I'll do that."

Manager Ron Washington said he's looking to get Beltre on the field Saturday against the D-backs, and if all goes well, his Classic status will be up for evaluation.

"If everything feels good tomorrow, I guess he'll be ready to go," Washington said. "If not, he's ours. It really depends on his health. If we think his health is not good enough, it won't happen."

As for the more prominent Beltre -- Adrian -- the Rangers are still taking it slow as he battles a right calf injury. The club has set a date for his return to the lineup, but wouldn't announce it just yet.