Wash heard as transfer rule is changed

Wash heard as transfer rule is changed

SEATTLE -- Rangers manager Ron Washington's voice was heard. The transfer rule has been changed, effective Friday night all through Major League Baseball.

"It's what it should have always been," Washington said. "I said Major League Baseball would get it right and they did. Everything wrong with the review, they are going to get right because everybody wants to get it right. Other things, they'll get it right too."

The issue was what happens when a fielder loses control of the baseball when "transferring" it from the glove to the throwing hand. In the past, either on a catch or a play at a base, it was considered an out if the fielder clearly caught the ball and then lost it trying to make a throw. After replay was introduced, those outs started becoming safe calls.

Washington was quite vocal in expressing his displeasure and the Playing Rules Committee agreed with him. The ruling will be enforced as it has in the past prior to replay.

"I don't think I take any joy in that," Washington said. "I did what was right for me and my club. Other managers complained. They want to get it right. That's what I said all along. Some of these things may take a while, some may be expedited. They got this right."

The Rangers had two plays go against them on April 7 against the Red Sox and April 14 against the Mariners. Washington was ejected from the game after the second call. The ejection comes with a $500 automatic fine. There will be no refund.

"That money is already in charity," Washington said.

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