Robertson happily sheds plastic mask

Robertson happily sheds plastic mask

NEW YORK -- Outfielder Daniel Robertson was in the lineup on Friday night, without a clear plastic mask for the first time since his collision with Alex Rios on May 22 in Detroit.

Robertson sustained three small fractures in his left cheek and had been playing with the mask since. But Friday marked six weeks from the collision, and he no longer needs it.

"I didn't feel it at all, but it was tough at night," Robertson said. "The lights would light the mask up, and everything was reflected. I didn't like that. Plus I sweated pretty good underneath it."

So now he can either discard the mask or keep it as a souvenir.

"I am going to throw it in the Hudson River," he said. "It's going to float to the bottom. Then, in 200 years, somebody will find it and think they have discovered a special magical mask with secret powers like in that movie 'The Mask.'"

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