Wash gives his take on the A's

Wash gives his take on the A's

ARLINGTON -- The Oakland A's had the highest winning percentage of all 30 MLB teams in the league and held down a 63-38 record Friday entering their game with the Rangers.

The Rangers on the other hand, were 40-62 before the game, with the lowest winning percentage in the league.

Rangers manager Ron Washington took a few minutes to address the success Oakland has enjoyed. The teams battled it out for the American League West the last two seasons.

"Those guys that they've got in that lineup are performing. They have a very functional lineup, they have tremendous starting pitching and ... they've got a solid bullpen," Washington said. "They seem to be able to fill their holes when holes present themselves and they play very well together. Right now, they believe in themselves."

Washington maintains that before his team fell victim to so many injuries, it could've competed at that level.

"I have no doubt about it. My team in Spring Training, if we stayed healthy and the guys that we depend on do what they're supposed to do, we would've been there competing," Washington said. "I still believe that."

In the middle of all the injuries and the hefty load of adversity the Rangers have been forced to face, Washington has kept the same, consistent approach.

"Just keep trying to play good baseball. That's all," Washington said. "Once again, it just comes down to taking advantage of the opportunities that we present -- that we create, really. We haven't been able to."

Grace Raynor is an associate reporter for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.