Eyre maintains perfect spring ERA

Eyre maintains perfect spring ERA

TUCSON, Ariz. -- One might look at Willie Eyre's statistics this spring and come to the conclusion that he belongs on a Major League pitching staff.

"I agree," Eyre said after earning a save in Tuesday's 4-2 victory over the D-backs. "I concur."

Eyre has pitched in seven games and not allowed an earned run. He has gone 7 1/3 innings and given up one unearned run on six hits, three walks and eight strikeouts.

"I think I've come out and thrown well," Eyre said. "My arm feels good, my body feels good. I don't know if I could have done much more. I've definitely pushed their hand."

The Rangers haven't announced who will get the last spot in the bullpen, but it will come down to Doug Mathis and Eyre. The other will likely end up in Triple-A.

"We know Willie is a Major League pitcher," manager Ron Washington said. "We haven't made a decision on that spot."