Rangers hold hitters meeting

Rangers hold hitters meeting

ARLINGTON -- The Rangers, batting .168 in their first three games, had a hitters meeting before Friday's game with the Mariners.

First baseman Chris Davis had the details.

"We pushed the panic button, pulled the fire alarm and turned on the sprinklers," Davis said.

He was joking. But the Rangers know their offensive performance in the opening series against the Blue Jays was not what they expected.

"We have not had good at-bats," Michael Young said. "That's something that's going to change. We're a confident group and we know it will it change. Sometimes when you get in a slump, you have to ride it out, and sometimes there are specific things you have to work on. Sometimes you need it simple and just be aggressive at swinging at pitches in the strike zone."

The hitters meeting was routine. The Rangers have a hitters meeting before every series to go over the opposing pitchers.

"We talked like we do all season long," Young said. "We talked about how we can get better. We'll do that the whole season."