Hamilton's famed homer platform almost gone

Hamilton's famed homer platform almost gone

NEW YORK -- The Rangers found a changing landscape upon their arrival in the Bronx on Thursday. The old Yankee Stadium is just about gone.

Unlike Texas Stadium, which was leveled last Sunday via implosion, the old Yankee Stadium is being dismantled piece by piece. The shell/façade along what was the right-field/first-base side is just about all that is left standing.

"Obviously it's a shock," outfielder Josh Hamilton said. "It's pretty amazing how far they've come. The landscape is a little different."

The old stadium, across the street from the new facility, was the scene of Hamilton's biggest moment in the national spotlight. He stole the show in the 2008 Home Run Derby, hitting a record 28 home runs in the first round, including three that were measured at more than 500 feet.

"I just think it was a platform, not necessarily for me as a player but for me to share my message about Christ," Hamilton said. "That's what it was and still is when people ask me about it. Yankee Stadium was the ultimate stage. I feel privileged that He gave me the opportunity to do that."