Andrus takes lead in drawing walks

Andrus takes lead in drawing walks

BOSTON -- The Rangers went into Thursday's game with a surprising leader in walks. Shortstop Elvis Andrus had 11, one more than Josh Hamilton.

Andrus was sixth on the team in walks last year. But going into Thursday's games, he was also tied for seventh most in the American League. Andrus' walk total is just one more reason why he fits in the Rangers' leadoff spot.

"My main goal coming into the season was to go deeper in counts," Andrus said. "You go deep into counts, you're going to get a chance to get more walks."

Andrus also leads the Rangers with 4.30 pitches per plate appearance. Last year, he was 10th on the team with 3.78 pitches per plate appearances.

"I like it," Andrus said. "I'm learning more as a hitter. I know the pitchers better and I know what they're trying to do to me. It's exciting. I want to keep doing the same things."

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