Rangers being cautious with Saltalamacchia

Rangers being cautious with Saltalamacchia

ARLINGTON -- Catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia is still experiencing some tightness in his back and left shoulder, and the Rangers are not ready to recall him from his medical rehabilitation assignment.

"Structurally, he's fine and has been cleared by the doctors to play," general manager Jon Daniels said Sunday. "He's dealing with some tightness in his shoulder that he's able to work through with his pregame routine and stretching. But he still feels some effects on the field during the game.

"He has expressed that he wants to play through it and the doctors say he won't hurt it. But until he's 100 percent ... he's not ready to come back."

Matt Treanor was back at catcher for the fifth time in seven games. He has also started seven of the last 11.

Saltalamacchia will get Sunday off and play again for Oklahoma City on Monday. He has played five games at Oklahoma City on rehab assignment, including four at catcher. A rehab assignment for position players lasts 20 days. At that point, if he's still not ready, the Rangers will have to activate Saltalamacchia or option him to the Minors.

"We're playing it day by day," Daniels said. "At some point, we'll make a call."

Saltalamacchia has been dealing with issues in his neck and both shoulders since being diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome last August. He had surgery in September to have a rib bone removed that was causing pain and numbness in his right arm. He has since had several setbacks in his recovery and went on the disabled list after just two games this season.

The biggest concern is his throwing, both back to the pitcher and to bases. The tightness that he is currently experiencing continues to have an impact.

"His throwing has been OK, not great," Daniels said. "He feels it with some swings and some throws. Our scouts say he's been aggressive with his throwing. But until he's 100 percent, he's got to continue to work through it.

"We'd like to have him back, but we're not bringing him back until he's ready."