Wilson not satisfied with solid outing

Wilson not satisfied with solid outing

OAKLAND -- C.J. Wilson's line on Sunday was pretty good. He pitched seven-plus innings and allowed one run on five hits, with three walks and four strikeouts. The Rangers ended up winning in 11 innings, but Wilson wasn't satisfied with the results.

"I was a little disappointed how I pitched," Wilson said. "I didn't execute my pitches as well as I wanted to. I'm trying to get my command where it needs to be. There's still a lot of improvement that can be made."

Going into Monday's games, Wilson ranked fourth in the American League with a 1.65 ERA.

"How many walks do I have?" Wilson inquired.

The left-hander has 13 in 32 2/3 innings after issuing three free passes in seven innings on Sunday.

"That's too many," Wilson said. "I didn't get guys out fast enough and gave them extra pitches to look at by falling behind in the count.

"Nothing against anybody, but there is still stuff for me to improve upon. I'm glad we won the game, but there are still things to work on. If I were to feel awesome about everything, that wouldn't show much maturity. It's taken me a long time to get here, I want to continue to improve."