Rangers Manager & Coaches

Manager & Coaches

#   Name Position
8 Chris Woodward Manager
22 Don Wakamatsu Bench Coach
18 Luis Ortiz Hitting Coach
99 Callix Crabbe Assistant Hitting Coach
47 Julio Rangel Pitching Coach
4 Hector Ortiz First Base Coach
27 Tony Beasley Third Base Coach
64 Doug Mathis Bullpen Coach
66 Josh Frasier Bullpen Catcher
43 Corey Ragsdale Major League Field Coordinator
Kenny Holmberg Infield Coordinator
Matt Hagen Field Coordinator


#   Name Position
Cody Atkinson Hitting Coordinator
Jono Armold Pitching Coordinator
Alex Burg Coordinator, Run Production
Brett Hayes Coordinator, Run Prevention
Ross Fenstermaker Senior Director, Professional and International Scouting
David S. Hunter Team Physician, Internal Medicine
Keith Meister Team Physician
Shane Seroyer Assistant Team Physician
Matt Lucero Head Athletic Trainer
Regan Wong Physical Therapist
Jacob Newburn Athletic Trainer
Jose Vazquez Major League Strength and Conditioning Coach
Eric McMahon Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coordinator
Stephanie Fernandes Team Dietitian
Adam Brenner Video Coordinator
Napoleon Pichardo Director of Performance for the Minor Leagues
Brandon Boyd Equipment and Home Clubhouse Manager
David Bales Assistant Clubhouse Manager
Kelly Terrell Visiting Clubhouse Manager
Matt Onvani Visiting Clubhouse Staff
Matt Waits Visiting Clubhouse Staff
Mason McKenna Home Clubhouse Staff
Parker Zavala Home Clubhouse Staff
Josh Shelton Director of Team Travel
Danny Clark Pitching Coordinator
Logan Frandsen Minor League Strength and Conditioning Coordinator
Rob Fumagalli Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
Geno Petralli Roving Instructor
Turtle Thomas Roving Instructor
Greg Hibbard Minor League Roving Pitching Instructor
Raul Cardenas Massage Therapist